Will women of the world rise to a humbling occasion?

I’m a man with a dream for women the world over

A world led by women with “chapters” all over the world, a political party or a pressure / advocacy group. Ironic though that women ARE votes, and yet not even treated like humans in most countries, worse, even in their sacred places of protection and nurture, their safe havens, their homes. A Bollywood flick Highway remains etched in my mind with images of a woman abused by her family, and brushed under the rug, as usual, for women are expected to keep quiet. Even after #MeToo men remain privileged. A vast majority of male offenders walk free, women could speak, be briefly heard, and life goes on, few got arrested or convicted

Men have given their own kind and the world pain and disasters from tyrants like Pharoahs, Nimrod, mass killers like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi, Osama Bin Laden, to idiotic world leaders (need I take names? Some are mentioned with their stupendous quotes several times a day on mainstream media) 

I have been abused and given death threats for standing up for women of Pakistan, and the world. That’s because I’m a Pakistani, but trust me, the threats would have flowed all the same even if I was a national of say 90% of the world we live in where women are treated like garbage. India, many in South America, Africa. In fact, GlobalCitizen points out 5 countries where it is “worst” to be a woman. According to Vox, the internet is full of men from all over the world who hate feminism

My vision was and remains simple: Women are better leaders than men, the recent COVID-19 crisis has uncovered that nations where women led coped better than the rest led by us men

  • According to Harvard Business Review, scientific evidence supports women as better leaders. Pew Research findings were also inclined in favor of women
  • Replicon counted 17 reasons why women are better leaders than men. Among them: empathy, WLB, better listeners, nurturing, pro teamwork, multitaskers, seek challenges, better communicators, dreamers, better crisis managers, wear many hats (don’t we know that? mother, wife, sister, worker), keep egos in check, more emotionally intelligent, flexible, lead by example, defy the odds and above all, make their job appear effortless!
  • Barack Obama said: “If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes” as endorsed by the LatinAmericanPost later

The more I struggled in this area, since 2016, the more people I met, I was told that often it is women who are the worst enemies of other women. People blamed women for not uniting, revolting and gaining power, as generally power transitions have happened through the ages. I think it is due centuries of domination of the male specie. A mass “Stockholm Syndrome” through the ages where women learned to become subservient. And malign other women to gain favor with powerful men. Like the movie ‘Stepford Wives’ starring Nicole Kidman. As better wives, better sisters, better mothers, better daughters, but not necessarily better ‘their own person.’

Because women’s lives revolved around men, from cradle to gave.

In pre-Islamic Arabia it was a common practice to bury a girl child, alive! Imagine a mother, a brother, a father who partakes or endures in such a practice? Well you can! For even in today’s world “(dis)honor killing” is common in India, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and many other countries, to the extent that when these people “migrate to the West” they don’t stop it even if they are EU or UK or other Western world citizens!

The “crimes” women are murdered for often range from such reprehensible (to their killers) acts as “marrying or eloping with someone of their own free will” often from another faith, caste or social strata or in short, just challenging the insatiable, infinite male ego!

  • In India, a low caste marriage resulted in the groom’s gruesome death, dragged outside of an Indian Court in the presence of police and judges, and beaten to death
  • British Pakistani Samira Nazeer was brutally murdered for marrying an Afghani man. “After an argument, her brother Azhar Nazir (30) and a cousin, Imran (17), murdered her by stabbing her more than 18 times using four knives. The attack was performed in front of other family members, including two of her nieces, aged two and four.
  • A pregnant 14 year old Afghani teen was murdered, set on fire by her in-laws because her dad eloped with a girl from the groom’s family
  • Two Afghan men granted asylum in the UK for helping Allies troops in the Afghan war murdered their 25 year old Afghan daughter for renouncing her faith and choosing to do whatever she liked with her body
  • Politicians and men in power all over the world from the third world nations in Africa, Asia, South America to Italy and even the US are infamous for their public and private treatment of women. Even in his 80s, Berlusconi’s scandals make headlines. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was able to maneuver his way around and influence doubts on his alleged rape victim. The #MeToo movement brought down 201 men, nearly half replaced by women
  • A 2-1/2 year old, angelic, American girl, Riley Ann Sawyers, was gruesomely murdered by her step-father and her biological mother in Galveston Bay, Texas, for not being “obedient”

Now 50% of humans on this planet, are women. It’s a no-brainer that if this globally marginalized, abused and dominated gender is mobilized than the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” will come to life, women will rise, women will solve problems what us men haven’t for we’ve been just too busy getting our egos massaged!

I think women have had enoughBut do women agree? I’d love to see a strong woman or a group of women rise and shine to the challenge of leading a global activist, political force hurtling women to the corridors of power.  I’d love to hear from you, connect and attempt to rewrite human history. It all starts with a dream…

CrystalHeart Kazmi
Founder, WomenAreVotes.com
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  • They work hard
  • They are seldom appreciated
  • They do not get their due share from society
  • And no one likes them complaining
  • Even as they are abused… often by their own

Their lives akin to a languished and abused beast of burden, they are the women of Pakistan. This is a political party giving a voice and hope to women, though men and transgenders are equally welcome. We, the women of Pakistan, strongly believe that we have suffered, and are still suffering, as per our “About” page which gives a bit of a historical and statistical perspective too. Please join us on Facebook

12 Crore / 120 Million Women … are not a joke!

Our Mission

Reclaim Pakistan from the thugs, looters and self serving elites – the so called politicians, turn it around into a model state for the whole world to see. Adopting best practices from all over the world that serves our people best; implementing the same effortlessly with a competent team, in a transparent, accountable environment which nurtures creative problem solving and innovation.

We believe, that women, have proven time and again, as nurturing mothers, caring sisters, loving wives, hard working employees and innovative entrepreneurs – all with a non violent, and generally a non egoistic approach.

We make and save homes, we can make and save the country!

VoW 2

Our action plan to solve the nation’s problems is manifold:

  1. Minimum wage for all labour, the US by regulation has minimum USD 7.5 per hour for labour, ours should be a minimum of USD 1 per hour expecting employers to pay higher if they can afford to, this way a laborer should be able to make PKR 25-30,000 a month assuming a 10 hour workday
  2. Zero corporate and income taxes, only 5% minimum suggestive tax and surcharges on fuel, utilities, communication that nobody can steal. Thus increase investments by businesses from all over the world and helping common Pakistani enjoy cars at the price of motorcycles
  3. Reducing ministries to peripheries of NADRA the central database authority, providing call centre, internet and courier based governance
  4. Law and order, judiciary to be be given solely to the Army due incorrigible corruption, no interference from Government in Army affairs except financial Audits
  5. Divide nation into 500 sub units or constituencies, each deciding their fate relative to budgets and conservatism or freedom in religious beliefs leading to a Middle Eastern, Turkish concept of Islam, where judgment is by Allah, not the Mullah
  6. Building foreign relations on reciprocity, having honest televised dialogues with our apparent foes to ensure our intent for regional peace and hence motivating them and their masses for reciprocity building upon authenticity and transparency
  7. De-stressing women and countrymen as stress leads to ailments, anger, violence, rapes, murders and destruction
  8. Encouraging the nation to live cleanly, cut down on pollution and practice simplicity in all walks of life, the Edhi model of governance and life, in general
  9. Educating our masses on tolerant Islam through examples of the Prophet PBUH, his companions and the good history and examples from all religions
  10. Focus on education through a standard syllabus or countrywide adoption of GCSE or similar global standard implemented in schools via eLearning and satellite based 12 TV channels acting as virtual teachers
  11. Focus on health, eat healthy, more vegetables and less oils, rice, meats, eggs, dairy – so our national health improves and our healthcare costs decrease and our work productivity increases
  12. Inculcating respect for all in the country, none to be hated or discriminated for gender, sexual orientation, faith, or the lack of it, language, ethnicity, tribe and any other criteria concocted by man to subjugate or ridicule another
  13. Community safety, hygiene and building initiatives, involving multinationals and public, private sector to spend money on infrastructure, healthcare and education than advertising – placing caps on ad budgets per client so money makes the country develop then media owners Moguls
  14. Encouraging population control by propagating Islamic values of caring and owning upto children and family responsibilities then animal like reproduction patterns