Women Rule!

Action Plan

Aurat Ki Awaz action items follow, current team is Lady Shahnaz Minallah (SM) and (GP) Imran Kazmi ( 🙂 IK)

  1. Create a website with description, of aims, objectives and some background – SM/IK by 3/6/16
  2. Create an inspirational video that motivates women from all walks of life to identify with us and join us – SM/IK by 3/6/16
  3. Create a Facebook Page and Twitter Account to engage people – SM/IK by 3/6/16
  4. Create online and in-person meetings calendar starting with soft launch aiming at forming Central Executive Committee [CEC] on June 5, 2016 at Banigala, Islamabad – SM/IK by 5/6/16
  5. Hopefully, attract enough smart women to form the CEC, setup meetings schedule with them – online and offline using skype and physical meetings
  6. Set agenda priority for tasks in subsequent meetings – CEC 15/7/16
    1. In focus: 2018 Election Participation, Do’s and Don’ts
    2. Organization Structure
    3. Aims and Objectives divided into short term (3 months) and long term (1 year)
    4. Election strategy and membership drive via online and one on one visit
    5. Media and online / social networks strategy
    6. Local and global alliances and fund raising strategy
  7. Gearing up to contest and win elections 2018